Outboard Engine 4 Stroke 20hp

Outboard Engine 4 Stroke 20hp

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Outboard Engine 4 Stroke 20hp

Product Description

SAIL 4 stroke 20HP 362CC Outboard motor F20 Available models:

F20S: 4 stroke 20HP, Short shaft, Manual start, Tiller handle.

F20L: 4 stroke 20HP, Long shaft,  Manual start, Tiller handle.

F20SET: 4 stroke 20HP, Short shaft, Electric & manual start, Tiller handle.

F20LET: 4 stroke 20HP, Long shaft, Electric & manual start, Tiller handle.

F20SER: 4 stroke 20HP, Short shaft, Electric & manual start, Remote control.

F20LER: 4 stroke 20HP, Long shaft, Electric & manual start, Remote control.

SAIL Outboard motor 4 stroke 20HP,F20 advantage:

• Super lightweight, Portable outboard motor.

• Lower noise level, Lower Fuel consumption,Lower service cost.

• Available on short shaft,long shaft, electric start,remote control.

• Convenient operate and service.

• Guaranteed on quality and service support.

•  Reasonable cost.

•  No problem for salt water using(Ocean)

                SAIL  4 Stroke 20HP Outboard motor F20

Model number  F20

Max.output : KW(HP)@r/min 14.7(20) @5500

Max.Speed(R/Min) 5000-6000

Stroke  4

Cylinder L2

Displacement (CC) 362

Bore X Stroke mm(in) 63 x 58.1(2.48x2.29)

L x W x H Short (mm) S: 1048x 420 x 1080; L: 1048 x 420 x 1205

Ignition System CDI

Starting system Manual or E-start

Control system  Tiller or Remote Control

Trim and tilt system Manual  

Gear ratio 2.08(27/13)

Gear position F-N-R

Gear oil capacity (ml)   250+ 

Oil Capacity (L) 1

Net Weight (Kg) 50(S)/53(L)

Fuel Capacity (L) 24

Propeller (Standard) 3-9 1/4 x11'' ; 3-9 1/4 x 9'';3-9 1/4 x 10'';3-9 1/4 x 12''



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Our Services

SAIL Outboard motor offer:  

A. 12 months factory limited warranty for commercial purpose using,

B. 24 months factory limited warranty for pleasure purpose using.

100% Guaranteed quality!

100% Backup on service and trainning support!

100% warranty spare parts and order spare parts support!

SAIL Outboards

 SAIL Outboard motor models:

4 stroke outboards,Europe CE standard,F series:


2 stroke outboards,Durable type,T series: 2.5HP,3.5HP,4HP,5HP,8HP,9.8HP,9.9HP,15HP,18HP,20HP,25HP,30HP,40HP,60HP.

4 stroke 8HP~25HP and 2 stroke 25HP~60HP available on electric start and remote control.


 Q: If F20 have short shaft or long ? manual start and electric Start? Tiller and remote control ?

 A:  Yes. F15B outboards have short shaft 15''  or long shaft 20'' , manual start or electric start, Tiller control or remote control for option.

Q: If SAIL outboard motor have CE certificate and EPA certificate?

A. All SAIL outboards models have CE certificate, But EPA certificate sitll on the applying way. 

Q: What's MOQ ? and how to arrange shipping ?

A. 1pc outboard motor testing order,  Delivery by TNT or DHL ecnomy delivery. 6-8 days arriving, Door to Door delivery. 

     Minimum 5pcs outboard motors, Shipping by sea LCL. 

Q: SAIL outboard motor if have warranty ?

A. Sure. SAIL offer 1 year limited for comercial purpose using,  2 years limited warranty for pleasure purpose using. 

Q:  SAIL outboards warranty policy ?

A.  During the warranty time, SAIL provide all replace new spare parts at free for replace or replace if any defects parts break caused by our reasons. Cover all the outboard motor parts.  More details, Please contact with SAIL Dealer. 

Q: Excpet F9.8, Can we ordering others size of outboards together mixed shipping by container.

A.  Yes. We allowed maximum 5 different size of outboards size into one container. 

SAIL Outboard motor available current:

4 stroke outboards, Europe CE standard, F series: 2.5HP,4HP,5HP,6HP,8HP,9.8HP,9.9HP,15HP,20HP,25HP;

2 stroke outboards, Durable type, T series: 2.5HP,3.5HP,4HP,5HP,8HP,9.8HP,9.9HP,15HP,18HP,20HP,25HP,30HP,40HP,60HP.

4 stroke 8HP~25HP and 2 stroke 20HP~60HP available on E-start and remote control.

Q: How long can we receiving the outboards after we prepaid the order. 

A.  We need about 5-30 days for new producing according to the model and QTY.   Shipping by sea take about 15-35 days arriving. shipping by air take about 6-10 days arriving. 

Q: How about the payment term?

A.  Sample order,  100% prepaid via T/T.   Container order: 30% deposit + 70% balance pay before shipping when the outboards had prepared. 

Q: How can we get the spare parts for further service ?

A.  Contact with us our SAIL outboards dealer, Or contact with us directly. 

Brand Name
Mainland China
4 Stroke, 4 Stroke
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)
1048x420x1080/1205mm, 1048x420x1080/1205mm
Engine Position
Outboard, OUTBOARD
Fuel Type
Gasoline, Gasoline
New, New
2, 2
Engine type
4 stroke, 2 cylinder, Water cooled
Engine Power KW(HP)@r/min
14.7(20) @5000
Bore x Stroke mm(in.)
63 x 58.1(2.48x2.29)
Outboards net weight
Starting system
Manual Start or electric start
Control System
Tiller control or remote control
Fuel tank
1 year for commercial, 2 Years for Pleasure
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